Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bumbu Parem

Fennel, Pulo sari, klembak, pucuk; @ 5 grams; Cloves 12 seeds, nutmeg, honey ,manis jangan, sintog, kayu  legi , coriander, mungsi,: @ 7 grams.
Kemukus: 10 grams;. Jungrahab: 5 grams. ; Pepper 10 seeds, 7 grams of black cumin, kaffir lime is Dry 20 strands. Sari: 5 grams; Chilli: 7 grams;. galingale: 30 grams; Turmeric: 40 grams; Shallots: 6 stems; Bangle: 30 grams; Ginger: 10 grams; temu giring : 20 grams; Lempuyang: 20 grams; dried Galangal: 5 grams; Garlic: 5 cloves.
Little scrab   cendana wood, scrab  kasturi, bidara putih wood, dung and wood scrapings wooden cup, all just a little, leaves delem 10 sheets, and rice ½ pounds.

Method of Construction:
These materials are finely ground and sieved, soaked rice rather long, half-day for example, then mashed with crusher, after a finely mixed with material that has been filtered with a little water.
From this mixture is constrained flattened roundness of a marble and then dried in the sun to dry. If the dry well can be stored longer and use three or more mixed seeds in warm water and then rubbed into the entire body. Parem is good for women for drug delivery and also tired.
Petunjuk Bertanam dan Kegunaan Kencur, Haryanto ,S.N., Karya Anda, Surabaya,  1991

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