Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herbal Kunci Suruh

Herbal kunci suruh used by women, especially mothers for treating complaints of vaginal discharge (fluor albus). Meanwhile, another benefit that is to tighten the female sex (vaginal), eliminates body odor, shrink the uterus and stomach, and is said to strengthen teeth.

raw materials
1. Rhizome kunci and betel leaf. Usually the tamarind is always added to the ripe fruit. Some herbalist adding other ingredients commonly used in medicinal herbs whitish or meetings such as pomegranate juice, betel nut, kunci pepet, and majakan.
2. Other ingredients are added, namely jambe, manis jangant, kayu legi, beluntas, and galingale. As a sweetener used white sugar, brown sugar, and affixed a little salt.

Method of processing
1. Boiled water to a boil in accordance with needs.
2. Materials in accordance with the blend composition is roughly pulverized using a mortar and pestle of iron or stone or thinly sliced
​​(turmeric), squeezed, strained, and put in boiled water that has been cooled.
3. Added sugar as needed, to obtain sweetness to taste by taste.
4. Herb put into bottles and sold ready for.

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