Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wild Ginger Drink Recipe (version 1)

The content of curcuminoid compounds in ginger makes these drinks can be a means of prevention of various diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke and rheumatic.
Ingredients for 5-6 cups:
a. 50 grams of ginger
b. Old tamarind (without seeds) 20 grams
c.  galingale 25 grams
d. Cumin 10 grams
e. 100 ml of boiled water
f. Palm sugar 100 grams
g. 2 pieces of pandanus leaves
h. Water 1 liter

Preparation and ways of making:
a. Thinly sliced
​​ginger and galingale, toast briefly.
b. Mix the ginger, old tamarind, galingale, cumin and 100 ml of boiled water, puree in blender.
c. Boil water with sugar and pandanus leaves until sugar dissolves.
d. Mix the ginger mixture to the boiling water with sugar and stir well. Strain.
e. Serve warm or cold.

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