Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herbal Cabe Puyang

1. to eliminate cikalen, aches, pains and pains in the body, especially sore at the waist.
2. to eliminate and avoid tingling, eliminating complaints body chills or fever.
3. Good to drunk by women who are pregnant.

Raw materials:
The basic ingredients are herbs and cabe  Puyang. Additional other raw materials in Cabe Puyang  herbs vary greatly,. Other ingredients are added, among others, temu ireng, wild ginger, ginger, kudu, fennel, pulosari, turmeric, pepper, kedawung, keningar, fruit tamarind, and kunci. As a sweetener used brown sugar mixed with white sugar and sometimes they also mix made
​​of sugar and a pinch of salt appended.

Method of processing:
1. Boiled water to a boil and allowed to cool, the amount in accordance with needs.
2. Materials in accordance with the composition of the blend crushed using a mortar and pestle of iron or stone.
3. The entire material is then squeezed through a sieve into the boiled water that has been available.
4. Furthermore, the obtained mixture was stirred flat then put into bottles.


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