Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cough medication

Betel leaves, sage leaves, and cinnamon
How: five pieces of betel leaf, 5 pieces of sage leaves and a little cinnamon cleaned and then boiled until boiling, put a little sugar cube. Try living water + / - 1 glass for drunk people.
Galingale and salt:
How: galingale peeled and washed subsequently be eaten with a little salt .
Aloe vera and honey:
How: aloe vera leaf and sliced ​​meat - finely sliced ​​+ / - 15 grams of honey and then given a + / - 30 cc, then drink. Try to drink 2 times a day during the + / - one week.
Seeds of nutmeg
How: ½ grated nutmeg seed and then mixed with lime juice and eucalyptus oil given the + / - 2 teaspoon (stirred until smooth). Patients with this herb is rubbed on the chest and back 2 times a day. Do regularly Insha Allah will soon recover.
Sources: Ancient Drug of Heritage ancestors. Ny. Ambarsari.Putra Angkasa. Solo

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