Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herbal Pahitan

1. For itching and diabetes.
2. For 'dialysis', lack of appetite, eliminate body odor, lower cholesterol, abdominal bloating / obstruction, acne, fatigue, and dizziness.

Raw materials
Basic raw materials of herbal pahitan is sambiloto. Pahitan blends vary widely, some consisting only of sambiloto, but some are adding other ingredients such as bitter taste also brotowali, widoro laut, doro putih, and the babakan pule. There is also a mix of other ingredients such as fennel and or medicinal-medicinal (rhizome material used in cooking).

Method of processing
1. Boil all the ingredients into the water until the water boiled the remaining approximately half. This method is intended that all the nutritious substances contained in the materials can leach into cooking water.
2. As a final result, obtained by cooking with a very bitter taste. Pahitan special herbs, not given sugar or other sweetening matter.
3. As an antidote to the bitter taste, drink herbal carrying other consumers who have a sense of sweet and fresh as sinom or turmeric tamarind.

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