Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herbal Adu Lima (Rice galingale)

Wet galingale: 50 grams
Rice: ½ ounce
Salt: a little
Palm sugar and tamarind taste.

Method of Construction:
Rice soaked in water for a while, sugar boiled with a little water (melt), tamarind soaked in water and then filtered well . Galingale peeled and finely ground so that has been soaked mashed rice .. after fine then all mixed together with  sugar solution , tamarind and salt, and filtered. This herbal  delicious drink with ice . For both adults this herbal drink a full glass once a week. Children who are older can also drink, usually love it.

Petunjuk Bertanam dan Kegunaan Kencur, Haryanto ,S.N., Karya Anda, Surabaya,  1991

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