Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herb turmeric tamarind (version 1)

Herbal turmeric tamarind to nourish the body, or can make the body to cool down. Others say useful to avoid the heat in or thrush, and make the stomach grow cold. Herbal medicine of this type either consumed by pregnant mothers who are young and can fertilize the womb. There is also a herbalist who recommends drinking herbal medicine turmeric tamarind for the launch the menstural.

Raw materials
Herbal medicine made
​​with fruit acids plus the main ingredient turmeric / saffron, but there are some manufacturers that mixes with sinom (leaves of young tamarind), ginger, seeds kedawung, and lemon lime fruit. As a sweetener used brown sugar and white sugar are mixed and often they also mix artificial sugars, and affixed a little salt.

Method of processing:
Boiled until boiling and the amounts as needed. Materials in accordance with the blend composition is roughly pulverized using a mortar and pestle of iron or stone or thinly sliced
​​(turmeric), put into boiling water and boil to boil a few moments. Next, add sugar (or artificial sweetener) to taste the sweetness acquired (sampled). Decoction obtained is left to cool slightly, then filtered with a filter. That have been filtered decoction is left in the pan and then put in bottles and ready for peddled.

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