Saturday, October 8, 2011

Turmeric and free radicals.

Efficacy of anti-inflammatory turmeric is comparable with the cure hydrokortison acetate-induced inflammation karagenin. Water extract (extracted using water) 40 mg / kg efficacious with indomentasin 5 mg / kg of body weight. Anti-inflammatory efficacy is due to the existence of essential oils.
After eating, our bodies burn the food we eat and the oxygen. When oxygen is broken, there was a process called oxidation, resulting in the emergence of fragments of molecules and unpaired electrons, called free radicals can also be formed due to exposure to pollution, toxic chemicals, radiation, UV light, tobacco smoke, and other toxins.
Free radicals that roam the body to "steal" electrons to pair up or integrate an unpaired electron. Electrons are extracted from the cells and tissues healthy. When free radicals attach to healthy cells, in the body, the cells were oxidized (rusted iron imagine) so mnerusak and make the cells change. The result is the emergence of diseases associated with age such as cancer and heart disease. Also resulted in the emergence of physical signs of aging. The good news is, foods for ageless mentioned above contain antioxidants that can drastically prevent the damage caused by free radicals.
Sources: Health secret of turmeric (turmeric), PT Elex Press, 2011

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