Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herbal Kudu Laos

1. To lower blood pressure.
2. For blood circulation, warm the body, making the stomach feel comfortable, increase appetite, launched menstruation, and refreshing the body.

raw materials
1. ripe noni fruit is usually added rhizome of laos and ripe fruit tamarind (old tamarind).
2. Other additional ingredients are pepper, garlic, kedawung, lemon, and some even add fermented cassava.
3. As a sweetener used brown sugar and white sugar, add a little salt.

Method of processing
1. Boiled water to boiling number as needed.
2. Materials in accordance with the blend composition is roughly pulverized using a mortar and pestle of iron or stone and then squeezed and filtered incorporated into the cooled boiled water.
3. Added sugar to obtain a sweet taste to taste (taste).
4. Potions then put in bottles and ready for peddled.

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